Introducing JC Speaks AI

A captivating and thought-provoking podcast born out of a personal mission and a dedication to artificial intelligence.


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Welcome to JC Speaks AI News! Dive into a world where artificial intelligence isn't just a topic of discussion but a beacon of hope and transformation. Join our host, JC, for thought-provoking content on AI's impact on our lives, health, and future.

JC Speaks AI has evolved to become the official voice behind, offering insightful conversations, the latest AI applications, and groundbreaking research. Our discussions stretch across personalized medicine, mental health, ethical considerations, and the evolving landscape of work—all through the lens of AI.

But there's more to our story.

This initiative is deeply personal, inspired by Abby, JC's brave granddaughter, who has faced unthinkable challenges since the age of three due to medical negligence. Today, she fights lung disease, a battle made harder by a health system that failed her—not once, but twice—by denying the necessary medical care for her condition.

Every episode, every dialogue on JC Speaks AI, is dedicated to Abby. Through this platform, and with contributions from AI enthusiasts like you, we aim to cover her medical expenses. Selling AI-themed digital books and leveraging JC's expertise in AI are ways he will be contributing to her care. But we need your help too.

AI is our shared future—exciting and full of potential. Whether you're a new Ai enthusiast or an AI student, JC Speaks AI promises to add value to your understanding and perception of artificial intelligence. If you're moved by our cause and wish to contribute to Abby's journey towards a healthier life, you'll be supporting not just a podcast, but a mission of hope, resilience, and triumph. Share this podcast when you can, it will take time but in the end it will benefit Abby.

The health system may have let Abby down, but together, we won't. Join us on JC Speaks AI to be part of a story that changes the narrative from negligence to victory. This is more than just a podcast—it's our mission. Welcome aboard.

woman using MacBook Air in room
woman using MacBook Air in room